The best tools for website theming

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Do you want to create cool themes in HTML, CSS and JavaScript? No matter if you want to use a framework like Bootstrap or something similar, there are a variety of interesting and practical plugins and scripts that you can use for your themes. We'll show you the best here.

Bootstrap Framework

The Bootstrap Framework is undoubtedly the most popular HTML / CSS framework out there! Bootstrap 5 has just been released in a first alpha version. With Bootstrap, basic frameworks and themes for websites can be created very quickly and easily. Bootstrap is used in all areas of the Internet and is used by many large companies as the basis for responsive websites. Here are some cool Bootstrap 5 Examples.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is awesome indeed. The popular icon library is now used by 20% of all websites and thus ranks second behind Google Fonts. Font Awesome is available in a free version, as a CDN, and can even be downloaded or used in Photoshop and other programs.

Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup is slim, fast, easy to configure, and great for picture galleries and portfolios. Responsive websites are also no problem for this lightbox plugin.


The CSS library animate.css provides a whole range of cool effects that can be used immediately.

Advantage: Only a single CSS file is required.
Disadvantage: If animations are deactivated in the user's browser, the library does not work.


Simply use all Instagram filters as a CSS class? No problem with Instagram.css!

Scout App

The Scout app is a small standalone Sass compiler, for Windows, Linux and Mac. It works amazingly well, even with many projects, and can output CSS in different ways. Uncompressed, with comments, or compressed for live use. The app also comes with a huge variety of build-in mixins. Highly Recommended!


Google Webfonts Helper

Google Web Fonts Helper is incredibly popular. It provides all Google Web Fonts for download, including suitable code for your own website. Here is an article on how to set up Google Webfonts locally in a TYPO3 project, using the Google Webfonts Helper.

Tail Select - For sophisticated select menus

With Tail Select you can create very intuitive select menus.


Vanillafocus replaces the well-known plugin for image centers "jQuery Focuspoint".


With Chart.js you can create great charts in minutes and style them yourself. No jQuery is needed!

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